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3, 4, 6, 8 og 9 meters working width.


News to the season 2019!

Enhanced section lock

Depth wheel handles with lock

Extended parallel arms provide 40% more control output

Tilting staircase for seed hopper

New feet and hydraulically sprung support legs

New patented system for a quick change of bulls (with teeth)

  • The sections are suspended parallel and they are attached to the boom with an easy locking system that makes the changeover row distances easily and quickly!

  • The wide and rubber-coated depth wheels ensures a uniform depth which can also be adjusted with a spindle handle. The wheel is self-cleaning because of its special profile!

  • By default, the inter-row cleaner is fitted with a spring loaded grooms that ensure that the weeds are pulled up onto the surface. The harrows turn the weeds and accelerate the drying process.

  • The sections can be mounted with angle cutter, S-teeth with "goose foot" or a combination of both.

  • As extra equipment, screen plates can be fitted to ensure that soil and stone are not pushed into the row.

The cleaner from Thyregod extends your season for weed control!

Depending on the nature of the plants, our camera-based row control system can be used from when the plants have 2-4 leaves and until the rows close.

As a supplement, the cleaner can be equipped with a mechanical row control system, which extends the season further!

Camera based row control system:

The TRV row cleaner is designed for use with optical Vision Control control. This helps ensure accurate control using cameras
For the Vision controll system, a specially manufactured camera is attached. The camera contains 2 color cameras that photograph the plant rows. The camera usually looks after 2 rows, but this function can be changed in the terminal, as desired. The information the camera captures is sent to the terminal in the tractor, where they are then converted to movements on the cleaner. At the same time, the terminal keeps you informed.

The Vision controller terminal (monitor) is the actual “brain” in the entire camera control.
The terminal processes all the information that comes from the camera and converts it into physical actions on the row cleaner. It can e.g. be: – The side cleaner offset of the cleaner to adapt to the rows relative to the tractor – Turn on / off the function of Xenon light when there is a need to work on the late night hours and / or night.

Mechanical row control system:

The mechanical row control system keys on the side of the crops in 2 different rows. The only thing that prevents the season’s length for weed control is the boom height, which is 60-80cm!

Thyregod TRV Inter-row cultivator can be equipped with saw equipment (optional).

Saw-equipment ensure easy and precise sowing of eg. grass seed when you clean for the last time in your field ..

As an option, belt spraying equipment can be fitted. The belt spraying equipment uses 2 nozzles per row.
Experience shows that the amount of liquid can be reduced to 60 – 100 liters per hectare.

  • TRV inter-row cleaner is fitted with a parallelogram, which ensures the optimum use of the camera-based row control system.
  • By default, the row cleaner is fitted with 2 stabilizing discs. This ensures high stability during cleaning.
  • The lift-mounted TRV cultivator can comes in working widths from 3 to 9 meters and options off row spacing from 12.5 to 90 cm.






The TRV cleaner is not just a cleaner …
The cleaner from Thyregod is built up according to the customer’s wishes!

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