Thyregod A/S – Thyregod, Tim & Kimadan
Klik på billedet for at få det vist i fuld størrelse The tipping trailers are constructed of the well-known profile folded chassis, where the frame is made of 6 mm steel.

The box is constructed of 4 mm steel plates reinforced by strong bottom and side members.

To obtain the optimal strength and the stability of torsion the chassis and the side members are made of high-strength steel.

12 1/2 ton, 2 axles 125/150

15 1/2 ton, 2 axles 155/190

18 ton, 2 axles 180/230

18 ton, 2 axles 180/230 S

21 ton, 3 axles 210/280

25 ton, 3 axles 250/320

Klik på billedet for at få det vist i fuld størrelse All trailers except 125/150 are equipped with suspended drawbar and bogie, which ensures a quiet and steady drive, and thereby reduces the stress on trailer and tractor.

All trailers are equipped with hydraulic brakes.

All trailers can be equipped with steering rear axle which is standard on all 3 axle trailers.

All trailers except the 25 ton trailer can be equipped with 70 cm perforated sides for grass, however always in combination with 30 cm forage sides.

When mounted with 70 cm. extended forage side, we strongly recommend hydraulic support of the rear axle, which stabilizes the trailer during unloading. This equipment can be supplied as an option. .

Klik på billedet for at få det vist i fuld størrelse A Tim tipping trailer is as standard equipped with ladder, tarpaulin hooks and window in the front board.

As standard all trailers are delivered with hydraulic lock tailboard, which ensures that the tailboard can be locked in the preferred position.

Wheels are as standard de Molen remoulded trailer wheels.

Model 180/230 S and model 250/320 are as standard delivered with 600/55-26,5´´ wheels, mounted on 10 holes hubs.

Klik på billedet for at få det vist i fuld størrelse All 3 axle trailers have conical body, which ensures an easy unloading.

As optional all trailers can be delivered with detachable tarpaulin with rubber straps, or they can be delivered with hydraulic operated tarpaulin divided into two with double acting cylinder.

The picture shows a 25 ton model 250/320 as standard the trailer is delivered with its own hydraulic system and forced steering of front and rear axle.

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