Thyregod Rübenroder



  • T-7:Thyregod has for a number of years produced the well-known beet harvesters and today the company has a wide range of machines with an impresive array of equipment, which ensure that the machine can be custom-made to work optimally under every and even difficult conditions.The Thyregod beet harvesters can be delivered as 2,3 or 4 row machines, semi or full hydraulic, with 10 m3 tipping tank or with unloading tank 12 or 14 m3. The harvesters can be delivered with turbo topper or in-line flail topper.

    The picture shows a 3 row T7 with flail topper and 12 m3 unloading tank.
    Technical data

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  • T-9 can be delivered with 3 or 4 row and as standard with joy-stick steering operating all functions. The digging frame works independently of the main chassis.As standard T9 is delivered with 14 m3 unloading tank.

    Joy-stick control enables the tractor driver to control the essential functions from the tractor cabin.

    Technical data