CULTIVATING in an easy way

The Cultivator family

- TRV 3,4,6,8 and 9 meters working width
- TRV Swingking up to 12 meters working width

Thyregod has for many years developed row cleaners for row crops, the TRV row cleaner today works in many different conditions around the world.

Thyregod supplies the market’s most modern row cleaner, which can be equipped with automatic row control via camera, as well as GPS controlled section control.

The trailer family

- Tipping trailers 12.5 to 25 tons
- Silage / forage trailers 40 - 62 m3

For many years, TIM has developed and produced quality wagons. Today, the TIM wagons are part of Thyregod. The GSV wagons/trailers today operate in many different conditions around the world.

Thyregod supplies the most reliable trailers in the market.

Who are we?

Thyregod A / S is a traditional company founded back in 1918 by H.A. Norlyk. Thyregod A/S has throughout the years produced and serviced agriculture primarily with machines and has over the years developed into a strong player in the market.

Tim machine factory was acquired in 2000 and moved to Thyregod, where today it produces tipper trucks 12.5–21 tonnes and Grass carts GSV 40 and GSV 58.

Kimadan A/S was acquired in 2006 and moved to Thyregod. Kimadan A/S consists of slurry wagons from 12-24 tonnes, black earth trap and hose booms as well as slurry mixers and slurry pumps.

Thyregod A/S today has customers all over the world, the factory consists of 22,000 m2 under roof and today has a modern production equipment. Engaged staff has been and will continue to be one of the most important keywords for continued success for many years.

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