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The 15,5 ton dump trailer model 155/85 is constructed of the well-known profile folded chassis. 2 tipping cylinder ensure large stability and added lift power.
A slippery surface inside together with a tipping angle up to 63 degrees.ensure easy unloading.

To make a easy drive and to relieve the trailer and the tractor of often extreme conditions, the trailer is equipped with suspended drawbar and bogie with strong leaf springs.

The sides are made of 8 mm steel plate and the bottom is made of 10 mm steel plate.

As an alternative the bottom can be offered made of high-strength steel.

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Model 155/85 has as standard hydraulic support leg, sprung drawbar and hydraulic tailboard, which can be locked in the desired position.
As standard the trailer is delivered with de Molen remoulded trailer wheels 425/65 R x 22,5 but other types can be offered.

The axles are strong 100 x 100 mm, and there are brakes on every wheel.

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