Thyregod A/S

Thyregod has for many years developed professional machines for agriculture.
SDH (Straw Distribution Harrow) is the latest shot on the strain.
SDH enables an efficient and affordable distribution of the straw, which today can be a challenge with the ever-growing cutting tables.
SDH is also an effective tool for establishing a false seedbed, however with attached seed equipment, also very effective for setting up after-harvest crops.

Powerful construction

SDH is built around a powerful frame, which provides good stability and an extremely strong and flexible harrow.
The nozzles rotate in nylon bushings on the main frame, which helps to minimize noise through the harrow, even at high speeds.

Strong groin teeth

SDH is equipped with powerful double 16mm groove teeth, which ensures a uniform and even distribution of the straw.
The teeth are mounted “loose” on a bun, giving a free moving tooth. 75cm long grooming teeth ensure good review and long life.

Quick teeth adjustment

The working angle of the teeth is quickly adjusted via the hydraulic piston, which changes the angle of all noise simultaneously.
If a different angle of some noise is desired, this can be quickly adjusted by moving a rivet.
The rail system ensures that all teeth return to horizontal during transport, regardless of working angle.

Platform with seed equipment

SDH can be equipped with such equipment.
Ladders and railings on the platform increase safety.
The seeds are placed via prel plates at the front of the harrow.

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