GSV Silage trailer

For many years, TIM has developed and produced quality wagons. Today, the TIM wagons are part of Thyregod. The GSV wagons/trailers today operate in many different conditions around the world.

Thyregod supplies the most reliable trailers in the market.

  • CLEAN design
  • FAST unloading
  • MINIMAL maintenance

Exterior Design feauters

  • Highest quality materials
  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Fast unloading
  • Adaptation to your wishes
  • Easy maintenance
  • A capacity of 40 / 43 / 58 / 62m3
  • Made in Denmark

Standard equipment and extensions

Strong unload chains
Fast gear
Extra deep tailgate
Double-acting front gate
Working light
Extra capacity

outstanding posibilitys

Now you have the option of picking up grass without the use of cutters. Our New GSV-S with precision cutters will do the job for you.

Use the GSV-S as a regular carriage and / or pair it with an exact cutter with our custom made clutch system.

With the precision cutter mounted in front of wagons, you can also load a trolley driver alongside.




Drive with the big ones

If you want to join the elite, choose our GSV58 departure car. Here you get the most volume of all the cars on the market!

Cidra chassis

Electronic control

GSV Silage / forage wagons

Built to handle the tasks
Hydraulically controlled
Traffic light
After tractor or cutter?


Take a peek inside the world of Tim GSV

Your GSV Forage / silage wagons view of the World


The TIM products are known for your high quality and therefore there is also great demand for used machines from us.

Prompt Support and parts

During our business hours, our staff is ready to help you with any questions about your new machine. And don't worry, even if questions and / or issues arise outside of our normal business hours, we can always be contacted on our watch phone. If, for any reason, you break with your machine or many new parts, our spare parts warehouse is ready to help you.

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