Single-axle slurry trailers include trolleys with 12,000 l tank maintenance, and the well-thought-out curved end bottom construction and reinforcement at particularly loaded points are common to all wagons.

The wagons are fully galvanized and equipped with chassis, spreading plate, support legs, adv. All wagons can be supplied with variable track width and screen boxes as an option.

Bogie slurry tankers include wagons from 15’000 l to 20’000 l.
Tridem slurry tankers from 20000 l to 24000l.

The wagons are fully galvanized and with curved end bottoms and reinforcements at particularly stressed points.

All slurry trailers are equipped with chassis, spreading plate,
stand, warning triangle, statutory light,
swivel height-adjustable drawbar, swivel plate,
bumper, fender and hydraulic brakes on all wheels.

The slurry trailers are mounted with a powerful bogie built on springs or hydraulic undercarriage, where one shaft is rotatable.

Tridem carts are also built on springs or hydraulic undercarriage and with 2 swivel shafts.

Bogie and tridem slurry trailers are as standard fitted with wheel-screen boxes.
All trailers are delivered with section division in the tank.

The Kimadan Slurry Trailers are standard equipped with Kimadan centrifugal pump, which with services up to approx. 6500 l / min. ensures a fast and efficient emptying of the trailers.
Available for 540, 750 or 1000 rpm.
In addition, all wagons are equipped as standard with a well-dimensioned support leg.
The slurry trailers is equipped with external piping.
Fuel gauge, filler gauge and funnel are standard and the faucet can be retrofitted without interference to the trailers.
Likewise, the wagons are prepared for crane, lift, recess, weight transfer, towing hose system, and the advanced dosing computer Kimacontroller.
Due to greater and greater focus on ground pressure and structural damage, Kimadan today has one of the market’s most comprehensive tire programs.

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