TIM Tipping trailers in highest quality!

The wheel mounting is as standard equipped with De Molen rerubbered trailer wheel.
Model 180/320S and model 250/230 is mounted with 600/55 -26,5” wheel as standard.

The Tipping trailers is constructed of the well-known profile bent chassis.
The wall thickness is 6 mm.
The platform is constructed of 4 mm steel plates reinforced with strong bottom and side members.
In order to achieve the optimum strength and torsional stability and the chassis is built in high strength steel.

With the exception of model 125/150, all trailers are equipped with a suspensioned drawbar and a suspensioned bogie that is included to ensure a quiet and smooth drive, thereby relieving trailer and tractor.

All trailers from 15.5 tonnes have tapered drawers that ensure trouble-free unloading. As an option, all wagons can be supplied with a loose tarpaulin with rubber straps, roller cover or 2-part hydraulic tarpaulin with double cylinders.

Model 125/150 – 12,5 ton with suspension bogie
Model 155/190 – 18 ton with suspensiont bogie
Model 180/280 – 18 ton with simple bogie
Model 180/230 – 18 ton with suspension bogie
Model 200/280 – 20 ton with suspension bogie
Model 210/280 – 21 ton with suspension trippel
Model 155/85 – 15,5 ton (dumper trailer)


All trailers have hydraulic brakes.
All wagons can be fitted with rotatable rear axle.

Brochure / Technical data

Dumper Trailer

12,5 to 18 tons

21 to 25 tons

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